There are three parties involve in the transaction, buyer, seller & Realtor® and we all want to know how much buyer can afford. 
After all, if buyer can’t afford to buy it, buyer be wasting everyone’s time, including his own. Aside from affordability concerns, buyer may find other issues that disqualify him from obtaining a mortgage. 
And these issues aren’t always obvious, especially to the first-time home buyer who has never obtained a home loan before. You might think you’re good to go, but because of the nuanced and ever-changing mortgage landscape, it’s better to know for sure.

We  gathers information from buyer about his income, debts and assets and reviews your credit report, then makes a preliminary financial determination about how much house you may be able to afford.  This information can be acquired by completing the standard loan application, or by completing a quick phone questionnaire, with much less detailed information. We encourage you to complete the standard loan application form initially as you will be required to complete it before we can fully process your loan. You will also need to sign an authorization to allow us to access your credit report. If you qualify, a Pre-qualification letter is issued showing the amount of loan you qualify for.The Pre-qualification is only as good as the information that you give, and is subject to our verification of that information during processing of your application.


Illuminates your path to property ownership by providing you the lending solutions you need in order to fulfill your property ownership dreams.Virtually unlimited options available for your conventional, FHA, VA, home equity loans. 
Let's open your dream home... start your mortgage process. 

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The 7(a) Loan Program is SBA’s primary program for helping start-up and existing small businesses, with financing guaranteed for a variety of general business purposes. SBA does not make loans itself, but rather guarantees loans made by participating lending institutions. In this way, taxpayer funds are only used in the event of borrower default. This reduces the risk to the lender but not to the borrower, who remains obligated for the full debt, even in the event of default. 

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