Malkison Inc. Fee Structure

Our consulting fees is based on the value of our work. A number of factors influence that, including the scope of your work and the competitive landscape.
Initial Consultation : Free 
Duration                     : 60 Min. 

2nd Consultation    : 45/Hr. 
Requirement      : Before you schedule your 2nd appointment please make sure you finished your documentation with our company. Without establishing a professional relationship on paper we can't confirm your schedule appointment. Client need to send all your questions & queries in advance. Our consultant will try to address all your questions on the spot. But if their is something that need to be address in detail clients need to get 3rd appointment.

A project-based Rate: (Exclusive Agreement Required)
Before the project begins, Team Malkison and client agree on a fixed rate based on the project.

A combination fee:
(Exclusive Agreement Required)
Team Malkison and client set a fixed rate based on the project as well as time spent on the project. 

A performance-based rate:
(Non-Exclusive Agreement with condition Required)
We charge the client based on the performance or results of your work. We also call it success fee. 

  • To set-up online (Skype/Phone) meeting please call 972.603.5500. First online consultation is free. For 2nd consultation client need to pre-pay for the meeting & fullfill all the above requirements. 
  • All Real Estate clients need to sign representative (Exclusive/Non-Exclusive) agreement & non-disclosure agreement.

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